The Scientific Committee selected eight projects in 2015 (see details below). 

The total amount allocated to these projects was 759 800 euros.

  1. Chiral nano-objects in chiral optical environments – Cyriaque GENÊT 
  2. Interfacial, Structural and Electronic Properties of Ligand-Protected Nanoparticles: an Exploratory Atomic Scale (Dynamical) – Mauro BOERO
  3. The spin-wave dioptre: towards magnon matching (MAGMATCH) – Matthieu BAILLEUL 
  4. Van der Waals Heterostructures for Optoelectronics (WHO) – Stéphane BERCIAUD 
  5. Ferromagnetic nano-objects surfaces and interactions probed by Nuclear Magnetic Resonance: from spintronics to catalysis – Christian MÉNY 
  6. One-dimensional electron systems in sp1-hybridized carbon – Florian BANHART 
  7. Single molecule FRET microscopy with upconverting nanoparticules – Yves MELY 
  8. Atomic Force Microscope for high resolution imaging of nanostructures at surfaces – Mircea RASTEI