The Scientific Committee selected six projects in 2014 (see details below). 

The total amount allocated to these projects was 632 620 euros.

  1. Time-resolved photoemission spectroscopy in rare-earth transition-metal compounds – Christine BOEGLIN 
  2. Impact of electronic symmetry mixing dynamics on tunneling magnetoresistance across localized states (SymMix) – Martin BOWEN 
  3. Alternating Gradient Field Magnetometer (AGFM) – Silviu COLIS 
  4. 2D Femto – Ultrafast Two-Dimensional Electronic Spectroscopy of Functional Organic Nanostructures and Biomolecules – Stefan HAACKE 
  5. Optical trapping of circulating tumor cells to measure adhesions forces to the endothelium during extravasation – Sébastien HARLEPP 
  6. Theory of scanning gate microscopy: Spineffects and realistic simulations – Dietmar WEINMANN