Steering Committee:

The Steering Committe is in charge of:

  • setting the strategy with the supervising institutions
  • implementing the different actions of the LabEx
  • managing the resources allocated to the LabEx

The Steering Committee is composed of professors and directors of research from IPCMS, ICS and ISIS:

Prof. Sylvie BEGIN-COLIN |Prof. Silviu COLIS| Prof. Bernard DOUDIN | Dr. Marc DRILLON | Prof. Thomas EBBESEN 

Prof. Stefan HAACKE | Prof. Paul-Antoine HERVIEUX | Dr. Pierre Rabu | Prof. Valerie HALTE | Dr. Yves HENRY

Scientific Advisory Board:

The Scientific Advisory Board is composed of external senior scientists coming from various institutes all around Europe. The Scientific Advisory Board has a crucial role in the selection of the laureate projects during the annual call for proposals.


Dr. Olivier FRUCHART


Prof. Lazlo FORRO, LPMC, EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland

Dr. Antoine MAIGNAN, UMR 6508, CRISMAT, University of Caen, France

Prof. Andrei KIRILYUK, Radboud University of Nijmegen, The Netherlands

Dr Christian SERRE, IMAP, Ecole Normale Supérieure de Paris, France

Prof. Eric SURAUD, UMR 5152, LPT, University Paul Sabatier of Toulouse, France

Prof. Willem L. VOS, University of Twente, The Netherlands

Prof. Christian SCHÖNENBERGER, University of Basel, Switzerland

Prof. Natalie STINGELIN, Imperial College, London, The United Kingdom

Coordination and Management:

The coordination team oversees the progress of the LabEx NIE, in accordance to the general principles of international, interdisciplinary, and innovative research and training. It is composed of a director and co-director:

Prof. Bernard DOUDIN, Director of the LabEx NIE

Prof. Silviu COLIS, Co-Director

The coordination team is assisted by a project manager (PM) for reporting and planning, administrative tasks, and management of calls for proposals. The PM is in charge of the establishment of communication tools, the advertisement and the organization of events.

Alena GRADT, Project Manager

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