The Scientific Committee selected seven projects in 2018 (see details below). 

The total amount allocated to these projects was 810 000 euros.

  1. Single photon emitters in two-dimensional materials: From quantum properties to quantum devices (SPE2D) – Stéphane BERCIAUD 
  2. Four-wave mixing with vortex beams –  Pierre GILLIOT
  3. EuMag – David HALLEY 
  4. Quantum sensing a single spin with a magnetically excited molecule (QMOL) – Laurent LIMOT 
  5. Novel approaches to quantum many-body dynamics in molecular complexes – Johannes SCHACHENMAYER 
  6. Variable temperature powder X-ray diffraction to unveil structure-property relationships in functional materials – Nathalie VIART 
  7. Numerical Magnetic Nanocomposites for Microwave Applications – Riccardo HERTEL