The Scientific Committee selected in 2019 six projects co-funded by the Labex NIE and Qustec programs and three projects (326 k€) funded by the Labex NIE only.

Projects funded by Labex NIE – Qustec

  1. Femtosecond magnetization dynamics by Spin Transfer Torque – BOEGLIN Christine
  2. Towards spin-crossover hybrid quantum devices (“SPICES”) – DAYEN Jean-François
  3. Nuclear quantum Effects and magneto-electric patternsof nanostructured hybrid materials:Insights and design via first-principles MOlecular dynamics (NEMO) – ORI Guido
  4. Effects of long-range interactions on the transport properties of disordered quantum many-body systems: correlations, excitations, information, interaction engineering – PUPILLO Guido
  5. Semi-classical modelling of open quantum technology platforms – SCHACHENMAYER Johannes
  6. Entanglement Generation and Quantum Sensing via Dissipative State Engineering – WHITLOCK Shannon

Projects funded by Labex NIE

  1. Automated measurements under high magnetic field to study information storage and processing in nanomaterials – ROGEZ Guillaume
  2. Sensing DNA structure and dynamics by two-dimensional spectroscopy of fluorescent Nucleoside Analogs “2DS2” = 2D Spectroscopy for dna Structure – LEONARD Jérémie
  3. LUNA: LUminescent lanthanide Nanoparticles for ultrasensitive fluoro-immunoAssays – CHARBONNIERE Loic