The Scientific Committee selected ten projects in 2016 (see details below). 

The total amount allocated to these projects was 969 000 euros.

  1. Optically Active Dynamers – Stéphane BELLEMIN-LAPONNAZ 
  2. Ultrafast Magneto-acoustics of Garnet thin Films – Jean-Yves BIGOT 
  3. Entanglement of single molecule magnets via radical spins inside 2D networks – Jean-Pierre BUCHER 
  4. Theoretical study of vibronic transitions in molecular nanojunction – Hervé BULOU 
  5. Development and Exploitation of Programmable Nanomagnet Arrays (DEPNA) – Thomas HERMANS 
  6. Photostrictive writing of deformation states in ferroelectric-magnetoresistive nanostructures – Bohdan KUNDYS 
  7. “LIQUOLED”: Development of novel liquid organic semiconductors and emitters for high performance solvent-free fluidic OLEDs – Stéphane MERY 
  8. Investigation of interfacial hard-soft exchange coupling in onion-type nanoparticles based on ferrites as function of the interactions with their environment – Benoît PICHON 
  9. Self-AssembLy of ordered monolayers of Insulating moleculEs on 2D materials: a New class of Tunable materials for electronics (SALIENT) – Paolo SAMORI 
  10. Magnetoelectrically assisted Spin Hall Effect for Low Power Spintronics – Nathalie VIART