The Scientific Committee selected seven projects in 2017 (see details below). 

The total amount allocated to these projects was 559 000 euros.

  1. Graphene Hybrid Single Electron Device (GHSED) – Jean-François DAYEN 
  2. DNA-Nanomachines: Conformational Signaling and Active Motion – Igor KULIC 
  3. Site-selective faithful monitoring at the single molecule level of local changes in nucleic acids – Yves MELY 
  4. Protected organic spinterfaces using indirect exchange coupling – Wolfgang WEBER 
  5. Molecular Switches On Magnetic Surfaces: A Theoretical Study – Mébarek ALOUANI 
  6. RAdio fRequency scannIng Tunneling microscopY (RARITY) – Laurent LIMOT 
  7. Synthesis of multiferroic coordination networks from imidazolium multicarboxylate salts – Emilie DELAHAYE